Five Reasons Why You Need to Study Physics

Physics is the basic science of the physical universe that occurs in our daily lives. Physics explains and describes scientific events that occur when a material interacts with other matter from subatomic particles to galaxies in the sky. However, unfortunately, the stereotype of physics as one of the scariest and most frightening subjects is often avoided. If we have the will to study physics, it turns out that physics is fun and has the following benefits:

1. Train logical thinking
Studying physics train how to think logically and systematically because it is based on facts of everyday life such as acceleration of a car, the gravity of an apple falls to electrical energy on a laptop. Understanding the unique concepts and facts of physics makes us accustomed to thinking based on logic.

2. Understanding natural phenomena
Physics also helps us to predict natural events that are important to human civilization. We will understand how the world works from quantum mechanics, atomic structure to astrophysics, which will bring benefits to understanding natural phenomena.

3. Relevant to other fields of science
Physics is the foundation of knowledge for the development of other sciences, such as in the fields of engineering and medicine. For example medical students need to understand how blood and air currents in the body through the concepts of pressure, flow velocity and changes in resistance to flow. If you understand physics, it will be easy for you to apply it in other fields of science.

4. Following the development of technology
Advances in technology are often based on discoveries in physics or improvisation from basic physics. The development of rocket science, nuclear and so on which are applied from the development of physics. Understanding physics will make it easier for us to understand the latest technology.

5. Looks smart
People who are good at physics are identical to smart people. You will get the nickname Einstein when you understand physics. In addition to the benefits of science, you will also have more pride.