5 Exciting Tips to Understanding Physics

It seems like a lot of diverse responses by students when they talk Physics. The impression is that Physics: maybe you think about that is haunted, difficult, difficult, difficult). Yes or not? Some are resigned because they think Physics is only for geniuses, diligent, and possessed by mathematics. Even worse, when there are students majoring in Natural Sciences ask:
  • Why to study physics?
  • Why does coconut oil have to be taken into account?
  • Why does this perception arise?
Well, none other than because this knowledge is taught without appreciation in everyday life. So, it does not seep into the soul, instead of something that appears annoying. For example, when a teacher explains about the second law of Newton, which reads: "The acceleration caused by force acting on an object is directly proportional to great style and inversely proportional to the time of objects." Supposedly, the teachers tell someone who plump preferred to sport a tug of war rather than running a 400-meter sprint!

The survey results in several schools that I have done; it turns out Physics is a subject that is not liked. However, it is favored by students. Different if the hours of art or sports subjects have arrived, they (students) greet him with joy and even want to forever study art and sports alone. Honestly, actually Physics is relatively meaningful to say difficult or easy to say. I was in the group that thought Physics was easy not "visible" easy (not arrogant). Why? Because inside I have already instilled a high interest in studying Physics.

Then why is Physics seeded? Because of the coolest physics subject! Great impression and has the highest caste in the science class. There is even a term, and it is not perfect for a person who claims to be a natural science student if his physical score is still below 80. Students always assume that a Physics score of 90 to 100 is a new science student who is smart and diligent.

So why don't you like physics?
Some students were asked this, and on average they answered:
  • Do not understand what is taught
  • Too many formulas memorized (complicated)
  • The confusing formula that you want to use
  • Less study time
  • The teacher is not fun and not friendly

What's the solution?
Here's a short answer according to the author's experience while studying Physics.
1. If you don't understand:
  • Ask your teacher to repeat the basic material or concept. It sounds a bit old-fashioned message above, but this is an effective way if you want to learn physics. The uniqueness of physics actually lies in the concept, which has often been ignored. Through understanding concepts properly and correctly (slowly but surely), we can explain various things in everyday life related to physics lessons. Rest assured, if we understand the concept properly and correctly, and understand the derivation and application of the formula by itself the formulas that are difficult will be easy to remember
  • Make notes for important terms and then make a mindmap
  • If necessary make recordings (Audio-Video) when the teacher teaches.
  • Choose a book source that is easy according to your reasoning. Work on the exercise questions in stages from the ordinary to the complex, and do it continuously so that you get accustomed to calculating mathematically.
2. If too many formulas are memorized
  • Always carry a physics pocketbook wherever you go.
  • Use a color variation / highlighter ballpoint to help your visual character
  • Make special remembering tricks so that you can easily memorize the formula (your audio character).
  • remember, a formula is only a tool, so write the formula on the walls of your study room, so that every time you want to sleep you continue to look at it repeatedly.
3. If confused the formula to be used
  • Classification of the problems you face
  • Make sure the relationship between physical material with one other material. Including, formula one with the other formula
  • Sketch a picture to help your imagination so that it knows what material is related.
4. If the study time is less:
Request extra time for your teacher outside of school hours.
  • Make a physics workgroup with your friends who are good at physics.
  • Ask your teacher for a physics study consultation or,
  • Look for a physics tutor to help you understand basic concepts and easy tricks to memorize formulas.
5. If teacher who teaches is not friendly 
  • Confide to your homeroom teacher to make a complaint when studying Physics to then be forwarded to the person concerned.
  • Make the atmosphere relaxed/enjoy so that you focus on the material not the appearance of the teacher.
  • Make sure the physics task is completed on time so that it becomes an additional value.
  • Ask your peers to act as teaching assistants to explain/summarize the material that has been taught.
  • Make a good relationship with your teacher.
Thus the tips that I can convey. Do you still consider Physics difficult? Say: "no" if you haven't been able to today. So, rest assured tomorrow will be possible. If tomorrow still can't, then the day after tomorrow will work. If the day after tomorrow can not, then rest assured next week. Associate with people who are diligent in studying Physics asks for their help to teach it and then apply it in everyday life. So, know that physics will be beautiful in time.

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